Care in the autumn years

Angelic Threads

We would like to thank voluntary community group ‘Angelic Threads’ and the team at GU Volunteering for the handmade face masks handed into the David Cargill Centre, and are handing in more to distribute each week. These tailored face masks will be shared among our centres for our key workers & volunteers and included in the essentials packs delivered to the doors of older people in Glasgow.🍂


Angelic Threads 2020 is a voluntary community group created in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The primary objective of the group is to support the development of essential resources such as facial masks and medical scrubs for distribution, ‘free of charge’ to residents, community agencies and the medical profession. Volunteers help to sew the face masks and in sourcing the material needed, either as donations or as recycled items. The masks are distributed to key agencies and charities and those most in need in our communities. The use of donations or recycling material allows them to help the environment and deliver mask free of charge. Angelic Threads also assist the NHS support groups, when required, by making medical scrubs and other essential items.

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