Care in the autumn years


School Support

Schools have always been great supporters of Glasgow’s Golden Generation. There is so much value in younger people and older people interacting. The younger generation can learn so much for talking to older people about real life experiences and it helps these stories pass down from one generation to the next so they don’t get lost. Older people really benefit from experiencing the enthusiasm and the innocence of the young.




Glasgow’s Golden Generation has lots of ways we can suggest for us to work with schools and nurseries but we are sure you have your own ideas too! We have detailed a few below and would love to hear from you in you are interested in working with us. GGG also has a leaflet which you can download here (2021 leaflet) with some suggestions of how you can help us from Harvest Service Collections to wearing autumn colours for the day or donating some of your autumn pictures to us so we can pass them on to an older person to brighten up their day.

Golden Threads

 GGG has recently been awarded funding by the Life Changes Trust towards an exciting new project called “Golden Threads” which will see our charity team up with local schools to form intergenerational connections with GGG’s older adults.

As the funding is via the Life Changes Trust there is a focus on our older adults who are living with some form of dementia. This means that as part of the project we will be producing resources to be used in schools to help young people better understand the condition and to take away some of the fear surrounding dementia.

The Golden Threads project will have defined timescales and outcomes with pupils visiting older adults in our day centres to tell their life stories through a variety of media including film, artwork, spoken word and written texts.

A cross curricular project, this initiative will be suitable for a range of ages, but we’re keen to focus on pupils from P6 – S2 to ensure materials are suitable and pupils get the most from the project.

If any of your classes would like to get involved please contact Lynsey Neilson, our Dementia Learning Manager on  A leaflet is available for download here. (2022 schools leaflet).


GGG has been delighted to work with pupils on YPI and been the lucky recipients of the cash prize on a few occasions. It is amazing the effort that pupils dedicate to this project and GGG is committed to supporting pupils who would like to nominate us.

In 2022 we were delighted when Eilidh at Knightswood Secondary School won £3000 for GGG. We couldn’t have been more grateful. Although we were gutted for the team at St Paul’s High School who came a close second despite choreographing a dance which told the story of a couple receiving services from GGG.


GGG has volunteering opportunities available if pupils want to come in and experience working with us. We would be delighted to welcome small groups of pupils into our Day Centres to help with the activities. This gives pupils a great insight into the people we work. Longer term volunteering opportunities can also be found on our website.


Perhaps your school has an orchestra or maybe you have been practising seasonal songs? The older people who attend our Day Centres would love to see you perform. Our three Day Centres have stages so why not get in touch and we can arrange for you to share your talents with an enthusiastic audience.

If your school is interested in supporting GGG please contact Lesley the Fundraising Manager by email to .