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Award from the Community Climate Asset Fund

GGG is delighted to have been awarded £9,875.00 through the Scottish Government’s Community Climate Asset Fund in order to upgrade our David Cargill Day Centre.

The centre was the first purpose built day centre for older adults in Glasgow and was opened back in the 60s. As a result, the building is aging and in need of energy efficiency improvements. This funding will not only allow us to make the David Cargill Centre greener and better for our environment, but in the long term will help to keep energy bills lower to ultimately save the charity’s much needed funds. 

We are delighted that the Scottish Government has made this investment in the David Cargill Centre at a time when upgrades will not interrupt our normal work. Usually when we make improvements to our buildings we have to close the centre and transport service users to another centre. Because the Scottish Government is offering funding at this time, we are able to fit the work around the essential deliveries we are making to older adults in Glasgow. We can’t wait to welcome our service users back to a greener, brighter and more energy efficient centre after the upgrades are completed and restrictions have eased.

Specific changes include installing LED lighting to make the centre more brightly lit, whilst more energy efficient. This is especially important because the charity works with older adults and as we age we need more light to be able to see well. This is even more crucial for our service users living with dementia who may struggle to understand what they are looking at so need to be able to see as clearly as possible (SCIE).

The centre will also have windows resealed, doors upgraded to decrease drafts and the heating system will be adapted. These upgrades will ensure our day centre is cosy and welcoming for older adults who are more likely to feel the cold. As we age our bodies do not generate and retain heat in the same way, so it is essential that our day centre is comfortable for older adults while they are with us.

The impact this will have on the charity’s energy efficiency and usage is the primary outcome of the funding. However, as a small charity with limited funds, energy efficiency is essential to ensure our money isn’t quite literally escaping out of the roof! This funding will allow us to make short term changes that will lead to long term savings; we can’t wait to make the changes and show you them!