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Swiss volunteer visits Glasgow’s Golden Generation

Swiss Volunteer Joins Glasgow's Golden Generation to Make a Difference

Glasgow’s Golden Generation, a local charity dedicated to supporting older adults in the city, welcomed a volunteer all the way from St Gallen, Switzerland over the past month. The volunteer, Fabio Mares, joined the charity to contribute his time and skills to making a positive difference in the lives of older people in Glasgow.



Glasgow’s Golden Generation provides a wide range of services to support older adults, including social activities, befriending, day centres, digital services and support for those living with dementia. The charity is committed to combatting social isolation and loneliness, promoting independence, and enhancing the wellbeing of older adults in the local community.



Fabio was drawn to the charity’s mission and decided to travel to Scotland to volunteer his time during a sabbatical from work,


“I’ve been teaching English for 25 years now, having always loved Scotland and I wanted to do something meaningful during my sabbatical.


“When I heard about the great work that Glasgow’s Golden Generation was doing, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.



“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute to the work of the charity and get to spend time with such brilliant people.



“The best bit of my time here has definitely been the people – the staff, service users and volunteers have all been so welcoming.



“I’ll never forget the time I’ve spent with Glasgow’s Golden Generation, it’s been a fantastic experience.”



The team at Glasgow’s Golden Generation was thrilled to have Fabio on board, with Fred Paton Day Centre manager Keith Mitchell adding



“We were delighted to have Fabio volunteering with us as he has been so willing to help with all aspects of the centre’s work.



“Our service users have loved getting to know him and he quickly became part of our team here in the centre.



“We are grateful for his willingness to travel such a long way to join us, and we wish him all the best for the future.



“Thank you Fabio for your help, you’ll be missed and we hope you keep in touch!”