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Step forward for Glasgow's Golden Generation

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Are you ready to lace up your walking shoes and make a positive input on the lives of Glasgow’s older adults? The Kiltwalk Glasgow on April 28, 2024, presents a fantastic opportunity to do just that! This year, we encourage you to not only participate but to also choose a cause close to the heart of Glasgow – Glasgow’s Golden Generation.

Embracing Community, Empowering Lives

Glasgow’s Golden Generation is a beacon of hope for older adults in our city, providing vital services to combat loneliness, improve well-being, and create a sense of community. By signing up for Kiltwalk Glasgow and selecting Glasgow’s Golden Generation as your chosen charity, you are taking a step towards making a real difference in the lives of those who have enriched our community over the years.

Every Step Counts

The Kiltwalk isn’t just a walk; it’s a celebration of community, compassion, and collective impact. Whether you’re a seasoned walker or a first-timer, Kiltwalk Glasgow is an inclusive event for all fitness levels. The 23-mile Mighty Stride, the 15-mile Big Stroll, and the 6-mile Wee Wander provide options for everyone to participate and contribute.

Why Glasgow’s Golden Generation?

Glasgow’s Golden Generation works tirelessly to combat social isolation among older adults. From befriending services to community events, they strive to create a supportive network for our elderly citizens. By choosing to support this charity during Kiltwalk Glasgow, you are directly contributing to initiatives that enhance the quality of life for Glasgow’s seniors.

How to Get Involved

Register for Kiltwalk Glasgow: Visit the official Kiltwalk website and sign up for the event. Choose Glasgow’s Golden Generation as your charity of choice during the registration process.

  1. Fundraise: Once registered, kickstart your fundraising efforts! Share your participation on social media, reach out to friends and family, and let them know why supporting Glasgow’s Golden Generation is important to you.

  2. Training and Preparation: Whether you’re aiming for the Mighty Stride or the Wee Wander, ensure you’re physically prepared for the day. Set achievable fitness goals and make every training session count.

  3. Spread the Word: Encourage others to join you or support your cause. The more participants and donors, the greater the impact on Glasgow’s Golden Generation.

By participating in Kiltwalk Glasgow and supporting Glasgow’s Golden Generation, you are not just walking – you are standing up for the well-being of our elderly community members. Your steps will echo through the streets of Glasgow, resonating with compassion, generosity, and a commitment to making our city a better place for all.

So, lace up your walking shoes, don your kilt, and join us on April 28, 2024, for a day filled with camaraderie, purpose, and the joy of giving back. Together, we can create a positive change for Glasgow’s Golden Generation!