Care in the autumn years

Tips for Storm Jocelyn

With storm Jocelyn well on her way, we have some top tips for keeping safe over the next few days.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Weather: Stay in the loop with weather updates. Check the forecast and any warnings so you’re in the know. 

  2. Pack an Emergency Kit: Think snacks, water, medication, a torch with charged batteries, and important documents you might need. A little preparation goes a long way and gives you peace of mind. Keep things like mobility aids in easy to find places, but where you won’t trip over them if there’s a power cut. If you use a mobile phone, make sure it is fully charged.

  3. Batten Down the Hatches: Close and lock doors and windows. Check for loose items in your garden that might take flight in the wind – bins, trampolines and garden furniture have all been seen flying around Glasgow of late!

  4. Stay Connected: Keep in touch with friends and family. Share your plan with them, so everyone’s on the same page.

  5. Stock Up on Medication: Don’t forget your medications! Make sure you’ve got enough to last through the storm. 

  6. Stay Indoors: When the weather gets bad, stay inside – skip unnecessary trips outside. If you must go out, watch out for slippery spots and strong winds. There have been lots of updates on public transport so make sure it’s running before you head anywhere.

  7. Prepare for Power Cuts: If the power goes out, grab a torch (no candles, safety first!). Unplug your gadgets to avoid any surprises when the power comes back. If your power goes out call SPEN on 105 no matter who your energy provider is.


Take care and stay safe!